Stop The Spread of Infection This Flu Season

Reducing the spread of respiratory illness, such as the flu and COVID-19, this year is more important than ever.

Ways to Minimize Exposure to Influenza and COVID-19

ECOLAB Flu and COVID-19 Prevention Infographic with Details

[Download Infographic]

Signs and Symptoms of Colds, Flu and COVID-19

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Infection Prevention

Get the facts about these viruses plus expert prevention and response guidance.

Swisher is Here For You

When you choose to partner with Swisher, you gain access to a full infection prevention cleaning and disinfecting program including products, procedures, training and tools that will help build resilient operations, maximize efficiencies, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Swisher products are here to serve your cleaning, health and operational needs, including products with EPA-registered claims. Always follow the label instructions carefully ensuring proper application and allowing appropriate contact time.


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